Mission Statement

To promote and secure mutual benefits, improvement and cooperation of those engaged in the business of operating professional car washes and allied or supplementary businesses.


To cultivate a friendly relationship among various members of the industry and their suppliers, employees and customers.

To assist in maintaining high standards and ethics within the industry as a whole.
To acquire, preserve and disseminate valuable business information with the Association.
To cooperate with the International Car Wash Association and other regional or local car wash associations for the mutual benefit of all.

History of SECWA

The creation of the Southeastern Car Wash Association was not one single event or the effort of one single individual. SECWA was born out of a need for more networking and recognition for those individuals who were car wash owners, operators and vendors in 1957. Although there was a national car wash association, there was a need for more localized interaction among carwash industry owners and vendors. The Association struggled on many fronts in the first year, but it did survive.

Today, 10 people serve on the Board. The early leadership put several ideas in motion that remain our focus today. One of the first was a newsletter published for the membership a few times per year. Today, The WASH STREET Journal has evolved into a full-color magazine that is published quarterly with articles written by car wash owners and product and equipment vendors across several states. SECWA holds an annual convention and car wash tour each fall in various states in the southeast; each centers on car wash owners and vendors sharing their expertise with the membership through new investor seminars and networking. Regional Roadshow car wash tours give members an additional opportunity to share industry knowledge and get an up front and behind the scenes look at a variety of car washes. Membership in 1957 totaled only 22 members. The growth and success of SECWA has been, and will always be, dependent on the work done by our owner and manufacturer/supplier members. While the future is never certain, as long as SECWA members continue to contribute their expertise, the Association will remain strong. The SECWA leadership looks forward to the challenges of the future with the help of each and every new member.

President’s Message

Jamie Nester, Richmond VA – sitting President of the Southeastern Car Wash Association
Fall 2017

Greetings to all the SECWA members reading this. As I settle in to my new position, I’d like to give you some background on why this association is so important to me.

For those of you that I haven’t met or don’t know my story, I started in the industry in 1994 as a car wash attendant at Flagstop Car Wash just south of Richmond, VA. I was right out of high school and taking college classes part time. My first year or so at Flagstop was just a job to get by…

Bob Schrum was the owner of Flagstop and he had always told me that when he retired his plan was to sell his company to his managers. Back then I didn’t see much to the car wash. We were small at the time and while it was nice to hear Mr. Schrum say that, inside my head I was always thinking “Yeah right…”

I enjoyed working at the wash, but it was when Bob took me to my first SECWA event that I truly became a “car wash guy”. I had been to the big shows in Vegas before, but it was my first SECWA event that I believe changed me into a true car wash professional. The amount of networking at these events and friendships that are built (even among competitors) is something I had never seen before. I can look back and see how the SECWA events are really where my passion for the car wash industry started to take root. If it were not for the SECWA events I attended I believe my interest may have faded and I would have potentially moved on to another industry.

So here we are 23 years later, and yes Mr. Schrum did sell the company to me (and a few other key managers). As I reflect back and think about how SECWA helped me grow, I wonder who those people are in my company (and yours) who are going to be the next leaders in our industry? Who are those that are going to step up as the operators I have looked up to and learned from over the years start to retire?

I challenge SECWA to get creative and find ways to get not just more operators involved but also their managers. Our next roadshow in Virginia Beach is a great opportunity. An evening reception with exhibitor tabletops and a car wash tour is perfect for operators and their key people to start networking and see some the “ins and outs” of other washes. I hate to admit it, but it was about 3 years before I ever visited another car wash other than our own. How many of your key people have only seen your car wash and have not experienced everything our industry has to offer?

I am honored to be able to serve as President of this great association. I can truly say that I would not be where I am today without the knowledge and support of all those involved with SECWA over the years. Thank you for allowing me to help in serving this association.

Board of Directors


Jamie Nester

Flagstop Car Wash

11031 Ironbridge Rd. Chester, VA 23831

Email Jamie Nester

Vice President

Tyree Brown

Car Pool Car Washes

5020 Monument Ave., Richmond, VA 33220

Email Tyree Brown


Jim Reaves

The wave 3-Minute Car Wash

2090 Dunwoody Club Drive, Suite 106-222, Atlanta, GA, 30350

Email Jim Reaves

Past President

Monty Rast

Autobell Car Wash Inc.

1521 East Third St., Charlotte, NC 28204

Email Monty Rast


Brad Ray

Coastal Car Wash

96 Jeff Davis Ave., Long Beach, MS 39560

Email Brad Ray


Gary Brown

Hydra Flex, Inc.

14119 S. Perry Park Rd., Larkspur, CO 80118

Email Gary Brown


Dave Mitchem

Happy Car Express Wash

509 S. Pleasantburg Dr., Greenville, SC 29607

Email Dave Mitchem


Corey Joslin

Pure Magic Car Wash

3205 Alcoa Hwy, Alcoa, TN 37701

Email Corey Joslin


Harold Chenoweth

Mid-Florida Car Wash

2710 Pemberton Drive, Apopka, FL 32703

Email Harold Chenoweth

Executive Directors

Linda & Mike Anderson


1821 Hallandale Rd, Suite 1B-151, Durham, NC 27705

Email Linda & Mike Anderson